Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blog Post 2 : Youth In Action

Youth In Action!

This article was all about Youth in Action and what this organization offers to the children of our communities! To sum it up in a few words, it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!

Youth in Action is all about young people, their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate, and their desire for positive change.

One of Youth in Actions main ideas is to lead with youth, throughout this article it is mentioned the crucial need for young people to be at the center of change in every community and I couldn't agree more! The incorporation of youth in communities as far as decision making, designing and planning for what their community will look like in years to come is huge! It is something that when I was younger, wish I had more of a say in!

What I found to be most interesting about this article was the discussion of how when the children come to Youth in Action that they are their OWN people. I had never thought about adolescence this way, but the article discussed how a parents role can almost seem as though the child is the same person as the parent and not their own. I found this to be a very interesting way to see childhood. My passion and goal is to spread the creativity and individuality of every child's thoughts to not only make the community a better place but also the world!


  1. I like that you referred back to them talking about children almost as their parent's property. Although I can definitely see that and have recognized viewpoints of parents being passed down I had never explicitly seen it said that way. it is definitely food for thought. Since these youth are no longer babies it is extremely important to find their own identity and what better a place to do so then in YIA. Thank you for pointing out that they get to be "their OWN people." I really enjoyed that.

  2. Hi Megan, I like how you got straight to the point and focused on what was important. The article could have not stressed its point enough. The importance of the younger voice and being heard throughout schools is and will always be important for years to come.

  3. Megan i cannot agree more with how youth should be at the center of decisions and how parents and society see it as children cannot be at the center of it but that is false

  4. Megan, I think the statement about the parents and students are seen equals in regards to roles in speaking up to make change. I honestly did not think of that and the significant impact it can have in a family as well as the whole group of people.