Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blog Post 8 : Mindful Practice

The Mission of Center for Resilience is that they seek to empower people to empower themselves through the practice of mindfulness which fosters success in the classroom, community and workplace. 

 The Center for Resilience is a wonderful program that works toward helping individuals over come stress, obstacles and to find mindfulness in their actions. I think this program would be beneficial in every school setting, for it is important that growing children have the opportunity to grow in a stress free environment. 

Even as adults I think that this program would be benefical in the workplace. It would help many 
prioritize, be mindful of their presence and over come stressful encounters. The main idea is that we get training instilled in our children so that can go into the work place ready with these skills. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blog Post 7 : Rock The Vote

What makes me want to vote ?? 

To represent myself, my choices, and my beliefs as an individual.
To contine to fight for my rights.
To put forth a voice for change where necessary.
To demonstrate my right, privilege and thankfulness to be able to have a say.
To thank all of those who sacrifice their lives, in order for me to keep my freedom.

What makes you shy away from the voting booth?  

Unknown intentions.

Do you feel well informed about the issues and candidates?  

I feel that the media has only portrayed certain aspects of each candidate. I feel distanced from the real issues and concerns due to the way in which media has decided to cover certain "stories".