Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blog Post 4: Color Blind or Color Bold

Have you ever felt invisible?

I have been very fortunate 
to have never felt this way before. From as long as I can remember I have always been included and acknowledged. I never really thought about
race can be invisible, sure I've been taught and think about diversity, but I never thought about it in regards to visibility. 
This TED talk was excellent and really opened my eyes to 
the way I think about certain things, and how the best way to see change is to create it, to make sure that no body goes invisible. 

I think that Youth In Action is a great space for kids to create change, their contribution of stories, activities, and overall commitment to seeing the world through different lenses is the first step. I believe that to create change, we need to teach change. By having youth see race and diversity and to find beauty in every kind of kind is rewriting "the norm". One major take away from this TED talk was, "The first step to solving any problem is to not hide from it". I aspire to be the Youth Leader who attacks problems herd on and hope to retreat the norm step by step with the Youth. 



  1. Couldnt have agreed with you more on this post. Especially when you said you have to create change to see it!!

  2. I think Youth in Action is such a great start for gearing young people away from blindness to boldness literally. It is a bold and brave move to oppose one's dominant cultural attitude to be more inclusive and YIA in Providence is a safe space for that

  3. Hi Megan,
    I really like the layout of this blog and pictures that you posted. Thank you for sharing