Saturday, December 3, 2016

Blog Post 9 : YDEV Closure

"Youth Development"..."Whats that??"

Youth Development is a major offered at Rhode Island College that offers course work
in Non Profit studies, Social Work, and Education. Youth Development is an umbrella 
term for working with youth. Youth Development majors can be found in schools, 
camps, organizations, hospitals, extended day programs, and any other place that you 
can find youth! The goal of Youth development is to incorporate todays youth in 
engaging activities that not only provide safe places, but allows the youth to grow and 
develop into the young adults they want to be. Expressing creativity, expanding skills, 
and practicing what you love is what youth development is all about to me. What 
better way to help our youth learn and grow than by interacting and encouraging their 
dreams, for one day they will be our future leaders!

This is Youth Work: Stories from Practice is a must read for anyone involved or 
interested in Youth Work. It brings light and understanding as to what Youth Work is 
and the many roles that a Youth Worker may have. Providing safe spaces for youth to 
attend is one of the many important factors needed in order to work with youth and 
make a difference. The second most important thing is to provide a healthy 
relationship in which youth can open up and trust in yourself once they are ready.

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